Virus / Spyware Removal

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Rochester MN's Leader in Virus, Spyware, Trojan, and other Malicious Software Removal!


In 95% of cases we are able to remove all Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Rootkits without making any frustrating changes to your computer. Once the virus is removed, your computer will be ready to use with all of your programs and personal information still there, just like you were never infected.

After your computer is cleaned up, we will assist you with installing a free or paid for anti-virus product that will best suit your needs. We also help you by suggesting safe computing strategies to make this less likely to happen again.



This is our value drop-off virus removal service for $79. If getting the lowest price possible is important to you and time is not your biggest concern, our Value Drop-Off Virus Removal for $79 is a great service for you. The Value Drop-Off Virus Removal is completed in approximately 2-4 days.



If you need immediate service and are able to drop your computer off at our shop, The Express Drop-Off Virus Removal plan for $129 is the service for you. Express Drop-Off Virus Removal jobs get priority service over all other jobs and are typically completed in less than 24 hours, most often same day. 



If you have a virus and need it cleaned immediately but are unable to bring your computer to our shop, our Standard Remote Virus Removal for $159 may be the service for you. This platform offers the same high quality virus removal as our drop-off virus service with the convenience of not having to bring your computer into our shop or having to wait for a technician to arrive at your home or business. We are able to do this by logging into your system using special software that will allow us to clean your computer, as if we were in your location. This procedure can only be done with some help on your side with easy to follow instructions. If after starting this service we are unable to complete the job remotely, you will need to bring the system in to have us finish the procedure

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